APSA is a non-profit organisation, declared of public utility in 1970. It was set up in 1962 to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities in Alicante province,

It provides them with the greatest possible support throughout their life cycle.
The association has grown and evolved constantly with the innovative spirit of its members and employees who, with the help of collaborating organisations, have always aimed to provide quality services and to anticipate users’ needs.

Nowadays, APSA provides direct services to more than 1,300 people through its current social projects. Its centres, services, programmes and special employment centres have one objective; to provide people with intellectual disabilities with the best possible care to improve their quality of life and develop their independence.
Because of its structure, history and size, APSA is nowadays one of the Valencia Region’s main associations and one of the top ten in Spain.

MISSION: Improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities or at risk of having them, their families and the environment.

VISION:¬†APSA is an organisation with its roots in the past and its sights on the future with an innovative, dynamic vocation. It provides services to meet its members’ needs and society’s demands, accepting new challenges and staying true to its mission. APSA wants to be recognised as a highly professional, quality NGO.


Solidarity:¬†Understood as voluntary acceptance of work and society’s demands in line with our association’s objectives.

Responsibility: At APSA we accept responsibility as a commitment to society and to our surroundings, particularly to people with intellectual disabilities or at risk of suffering from them and their families and needs.

User oriented¬†Our users and their families are the focus of all the association’s activities. The evolution, improvements and transformations of APSA are always designed with the intention of improving user services and based on their needs.

Respect: We recognise people and their rights. At APSA we see respect as the way to coexistence and enrichment.

Honesty: Understood as coherence between our actions and our mission. We intend our activities to be a faithful reflection of our values.

No discrimination: We work for equal opportunities and to eradicate discrimination on the grounds of origin, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.