Production, publication and distribution of catalogues and brochures that advertise special offers consumes large amounts of energy, water and paper. In Spain, it is estimated that each person consumes 156 kg of paper every year. Of these, approximately 21 kg are printed materials and advertising that arrive in our letter boxes every year. This has a serious environmental impact and contributes to climate change.

Pro-Tierra aims to reduce this negative impact on the environment. Our initiative supports reduced use of paper for advertising offers and also contributes by sponsoring and protecting trees to reduce CO2 levels.

Pro-Tierra is more than just a local project. We are part of a European initiative ( in Germany, in France and in Russia) which has been successfully fighting high CO2 emissions for more than three years. In conjunction with environmental organisations, bloggers and consumers, the initiative has already saved more than 50,000 trees.

Pro-Tierra is an initiative from the local purchasing portal Ofertia informs on-line and mobile consumers about offers and products in local stores. Ofertia gives access to catalogues in more than 12 sectors. It is an extremely useful tool for consumers and is also efficient and ecological because it reduces the amount of paper used to print catalogues.

Find out how you can support our initiative here.

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