Three members wanted to experience for themselves what it means to be part of this new Society. They set out on an exciting journey to one of India’s poorest areas, Anantapur, where the Fundación Vicente Ferrer does its work.
Once there, they met members and shared their concerns and dreams with them. Explore this experience, which has changed their lives forever.

The “From Woman to Woman” programme seeks to empower women from the most disadvantaged communities and castes in India and to help them to progress. It works with groups of women who manage themselves and share concerns and interests to achieve financial independence. It also gives them strength to fight for their rights.

The Cooperative Society provides these women with direct, active support by investing in specific projects to improve each member’s quality of life. It creates personal and professional links between women who need each other.

The result is improved living conditions for thousands of women who suffer from social exclusion and a revolution in rural society where women’s rights are violated, a society where they are becoming a social and economic driving force and gaining the respect of the entire community.